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Featured Bonus

A free bonus is only good if you can answer yes to this:

  • Is there True Value to be gained.
  • Is the bonus easy to understand and to acquire
  • Are the rules and conditions concise and reasonable for the bonus being offered.

We have tried to simplify this by constantly keeping up with the multitude of new offers being tossed out their and have the following recommendation’s.

Featured Bonus

Wager Web

These folks want your business and they don’t mind giving you a good incentive to play the season with them.  For the upcoming football season they have 2 options, one a 100% bonus which comes with a 15x wager requirement, or for you bigger rollers they have a 200% bonus with a 25x wager requirement.

What makes this such a favorable bonus is it is direct and easy to understand.  For example lets say a new player goes to their site and opens a new account for $100.  If they choose to go with the 100% match bonus they would their $100 deposit into their account plus the $100 bonus for a total of $200.

To satisfy the requirements of the bonus the player would have to wager at least $3,000 in bets with the sportsbook.  That number is arrived at by the following (deposit + Bonus) x wager requirement or ($100 deposit + $100 bonus) x 15 = $3,000.

If this person wished to take advantage of the 200% bonus then the wager amount would be ($100 deposit + $200 deposit) x 25 = $75,000.

Why do we recommend this as a good new player bonus?

  • The bonus of 100% and 200% are generous.
  • The wager requirement of 15x and 25x are in line with other top of the line Internet Sportsbooks.
  • It is easy to understand and to calculate the requirements.

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